I have learned many valuable lessons from listeners to the National Radio, where I had a programme for many years. You cannot reach out to them and respond meaningfully unless you’re sincere and pure in your words because a live broadcast is a most vulnerable environment. When you are humble in meeting another who you cannot see, they really feel you with their heart. However, this goes hand in hand with a heavy burden of responsibility. To not influence but support; to not convince or manipulate but be yourself having cast your ego aside, resonating at the frequency of the other and responding to their need for dialogue. I am deeply grateful to Daniela Yakova, Vesela Tsankova, Peter Nyagolov, Stefan Djambazov, Anton Mitov, Olga Sagaeva, Ophelia Racheva, Kunyo Stanev.

At the Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, where I obtained an MA in Family Therapy and Consulting Persons with Disabilities, I realised how much more distance I had to cover on my journey to self-development and self-improvement. Diana Indzhova, my thesis supervisor at Sofia University (and Chair of the Centre for Psychological Studies) was a shining light and a bright example to follow. Thank you.

My certification as family constellation facilitator allowed me to touch on the exquisitely delicate field of the unseen relations within a family and even within a work team. They carefully shared their experience of how painful relationships between children and parents, generations and even the employees of a company can be. I owe special gratitude to Elena Ilieva, Frank Galenmueller, Laszlo Mattyasovszky, Vlado Ilić, Karen Schober and Elko de Heus

Dr Gospodinov from the Center for Health and Education ‘EDICTA’ gave me a wealth of knowledge about Dr Bach’s flower essences — a comprehensive system for boosting emotional and physical health. My certification as Bach therapist enabled me to use the flower essences to alleviate the fears, panic attacks and depressive states of both family members and young and old clients who have crossed the threshold of the Atelier.

At the New Bulgarian University (NBU) I had the opportunity to summarise every shred of life and professional experience I had gathered at the Atelier and transform it into an occupation as an art therapist. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Associate professor Alexandra Ivanova PhD, Professor Neva Krasteva and Elitsa Velikova.

I had the privilege to complete the full training course in sand therapy with Dr Barbara Turner ( и, author of the only textbook on this technique. I followed her in Romania, the US and South Africa because she was a fountain of knowledge and the best school that allowed me to reach into every nook and corner of the symbolic language of the psyche and the secrets of its regeneration. This delicate, magical and deep therapy remains my greatest love. I am currently working to obtain certification from the International Society for Sandplay Therapy.  under the supervision of Dr Ulrike Hinsch from Germany and Dr Roz Heiko from the United States.

I encountered positive therapy (at basic level) somehow logically and imperceptibly.

I am truly grateful to Irina Kiryakova for both her professionalism and creativity but equally for her provocative approach. I tried to make my own everything she so generously gave to others

However, it was Gestalt therapy that has defined me in terms of way of thinking, perception and personal and professional approach. I am about to complete the second year of my training and feel sad already on account of the fewer and fewer meetings with the tutors Franz Muellmester, Antonia Constantinidou, Esther Neumanova and Marianne Crasta.

Hypnotherapy techniques made me aware of the full potential for personal change buried deep inside each and every individual. The outstanding professionalism and sparkling creativity of Doctor Galina Kabadzhova help me greatly along this precarious path – down and inside ourselves.

Attentive and supporting, Peter Petrov has given me a lot of food for thought and resources for change through a single regression at a time when we painfully seek to understand the most important lessons in our lives or why we encounter problems in certain relations.

Maria Mateeva not only gave me a master level in Reiki but through her personal example, pure and strong heart and healing hands, also became like a spiritual mother to me.

For a person like me — a seeker of many answers to both specific and general existential questions and a developing professional therapist — it is particularly important that I have completed each school and learned each method as a personal process that not only allowed me to change my view of significant events in my life that have shaped my character but also my internal perspective, enabling me to rearrange, regroup, focus and achieve internal balance vis-à-vis my foundation, boundaries and resources. Before you can share some else’s pain, you should have dealt with your own. Before you can extend a helping hand to someone on their quest for answers to their questions, you must have the answers to those questions for yourself…at least ‘here and now’. In other words, before you try to give someone support, you must give the same measure of support to yourself. Unless you do, a meeting between a client and therapist is largely pointless. Only when you are in touch with yourself and your own needs, can you discover the food that nourishes your own soul and help a client by teaching them to find what he or she is seeking and what his or her soul needs. As a rule, what we seek is inside us.

At the Bulgarian Institute for Gestalt Therapy and the Institute for therapy and expressive arts,

as well as the Family Constellations — Bulgaria Foundation, I actively participate in training courses and workshops because they not only help me keep up-to-date but also maintain a presence ‘here and now’ in professional terms.

I have an insatiable thirst for learning and development. As I often say here on the website and to the people I work with, inspiration and meaning for me largely flow from the Far Eastern adage: To the life, which lightens my journey to truth, I have a duty to help at all times of difficulty.