This is how it used to be…


I lived. I loved my family. The one I was sharing my life with remains amazing to this day — loving, giving, wise, supporting, insightful. This is why I trusted her in the first place to start a family and make and raise three boys and a girl together.

I loved my job and I even… lived for it.

I was doing three jobs in parallel to prove myself to myself.

I then created the Atelier, largely out of a sense of filial duty to my grandparents’ family that had raised me.

I was idealistic and believed in higher causes.

I believed that friends wouldn’t betray us and that ideals were long-lived and we must serve them as long as they promoted the wellbeing and welfare of young and old.

I still believe that genuine goodness — the kind that flows from the heart — does not make background noises because ordinary miracles happen when God passes us by unseen and unheard…

Then a time came along the journey when I came face to face with …. Death…. and I owe him a debt of gratitude. For me, death meant renewed dedication to Life.

There is a saying from the Far East that I often repeat here because it has shaped me as a person and a professional: To the life, which lightens my journey to truth, I have a duty to help at all times of difficulty.

There are teachings inside us on how to live and connect with life. When we are connected to ourselves and live consciously, we make life better and more meaningful. We become better and life becomes more meaningful. This is an unbroken and endless link between energies and events, which operate at all levels according to the laws of the universe.

This is how the Art therapy space came into being as a place where we can meet ourselves and feel our own bodily and psychological needs. A place where we can draw on our own internal resources, taking the first steps to satisfy those needs and understand why we came up to blockages at many internal levels.